Iqtebasaat Nooraniyah Quiz 1443H

Iqtebasaat Nooraniyah Quiz 1443H:

On the auspicious night of Milaad Ameeril Mumineen S.A, an IQTEBASAAT QUIZ was held at Hakimi Masjid Dar es Salaam lead by the sadarat of Janab Amil Saheb.

Students with high scores in the preliminary round from std 5 to Form 4 were divided into 4 teams:

  • Safarjal (Quince)
  • Tuffah (Apple)
  • Rutab (Dates)
  • Enab (Grapes)

All the participants were well prepared, primed and participated with zeal and zest.
The Quiz was divided into 7 rounds:

  1. Q/A
  2. MCQs
  3. 4 Pics 1 Word
  4. Video
  5. Wipe Out
  6. Picture
  7. Rapid Fire

 TEAM RUTAB was declared as the overall winner of Iqtebasaat 1443H Quiz.

May Allah grant our Aqa Moula TUS a healthy and prosperous life till the day of qayamat. (Aameen)

  • Centre:MSB Dar es Salaam
  • Date:13 Feb,2022

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