Internship Programme - 2021

Internship Programme - 2021:

MSB has always strived to help students achieve maximum success. Recent studies have proven that the 21st century children grasp more through application based learning.

As part of career counselling MSB introduced Student Internship programme for the graduates of Form 4 - 2021. Interning is an excellent source of experiential learning.

We worked with 13 valued partners who agreed to host our students for two weeks from 17th January to 28th January 2022.

Our Valued Partners;

1) Bakhresa Group Ltd
2) Multi Cable Ltd
3) Africab Ltd
4) Saifee Hospital
5) Burhani Hospital
6) Imaging Smart
7) H. A. Patwa
8) Mohammedi Builders
9) TMJ Hospital
10) Fairy Delight
11) SmarthomeTz
12) Burhani Infosys Ltd
13) Fakhri Polyclinic

The apprenticeship taught our students about punctuality, commitment and patience.

The students sharpened their workplace skills, and gained an aptitude in their field of interest. It helped pave a way for professional efficacy for their future.

We sincerely thank our partners for guiding and mentoring our young interns.

An award giving ceremony was organised on 5th February to award certificates and token of appreciation to the students and partner companies.

The program was gracd by Janab Amilsaheb, board members, partners, parents, students and interns.

  • Centre:MSB Dar es Salaam
  • Date:05 Feb,2022

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